About our company

OneSource provides employers with a customized HR Outsourcing solution designed to fit their needs.

With our integrated services, we enable employers to eliminate the complexities and administrative burdens of having employees. You may find you actually gain more control over your company as a result of outsourcing these tasks. Not to mention your employees will become happier and more productive.

Once you implement our program, you will have more time to focus on your core competencies and growth of your business!

About OneSource Business Solutions, LLC

OneSource is a provider of outsourcing solutions to the small and mid-sized business market.

Our services include:

Payroll & HR Administration
Employee Benefits
Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management
Affordable Care Act Compliance

OneSource Business Solutions, LLC was founded in 1997, with headquarters in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. We provide human resource outsourcing to a large number of small and medium sized companies. With this large combined employee base, utilizing economies of scale, OneSource is able to provide administrative services and employee benefits to your company more efficiently... thus reducing your cost and administrative burden of being an employer.   Without having to worry about these "non-revenue producing" tasks, you'll gain more time and resources to focus on the revenue generating areas of your business.  The end result for you and your company is better benefits to retain and attract top flight personnel, and more time for your business.

Why choose OneSource?

Affordable employee health insurance and benefits

Your company can have a comprehensive benefit package like the large corporations, but without the administrative hassles that go with it.

Stress-free payroll and HR administration

We provide you with flexible payroll and HR services that fit your business needs. And, a technology platform that is hassle free, accurate and on-time.

Complete HR and government compliance

We deliver services and expertise designed to reduce the risk of employee litigation and stay current with state and federal regulations.

Workers' Compensation solutions

We provide a full and efficient suite of risk management services, and take care of all claims administration and follow-up.

Affordable Care Act Compliance

OneSource will assist in the cumbersome reporting requirements and make sure your plans are compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

Dedicated support for the small and mid-sized businesses

We are a flexible customer service oriented company that allows you to use only those services you need.

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