What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

A professional employer organization provides integrated services which enable business owners to cost effectively outsource the management of payroll administration, employee benefits, workers’ compensation and government compliance. PEOs help employers focus on their core competencies so they can maintain and grow their bottom line.

Who utilizes PEO services?

Any type of business can find value in a PEO partnership because PEOs offer robust Web-based HR technologies and expertise in HR management. PEO’s largest markets are small to medium sized businesses ranging from 2 – 500 employees.

Would you lose control over your business by hiring OneSource Business Solutions?

Absolutely not! In fact, you may find you actually gain more control over your company as a result of outsourcing HR and Payroll solutions. Not to mention your employees will become more productive as a result.

Why partner with OneSource?

OneSource provides employers with a customized solution designed to fit their needs. OneSource will assist in the cumbersome reporting requirements and make sure your plans are compliant with the Affordable Care Act. Once you implement our program you will have the time to focus on your core competencies and growth of your business.

What services does OneSource include?

One Source is a provider of outsourcing solutions to the small and mid-sized business market. Our services include, Payroll Administration , Employee Benefits, Workers’ Compensation and Compliance Support Services.

How do we switch to OneSource?

Switching is simple! We’ll conduct an initial orientation meeting with your staff to explain the program and the benefits now available to them. After that, it’s business as usual… but with better benefits, fewer headaches and more time to run your business.

Does OneSource offer different packages?

OneSource is a flexible customer service oriented company that allows you to use only those services you need. Our base package includes Payroll Administration and Workers Compensation, from there you pick which additional services apply.

What is OneSource HR Portal?

This state of the art database allows you, the client, to customize forms and research employment laws appropriate to your company. This is all included in the service fee. Award winning powerful information at your finger tips.