HR & Payroll Solutions

Outsourcing non-revenue areas of your business allows you to focus on the growth and profitability of your Company.

OneSource is a flexible customer service oriented company that allows you to use only those services you need. Our base package includes payroll administration and workers compensation, from there you pick which additional services apply. With our integrated services, we enable employers to eliminate the complexities of having employees.

Convenient | Time Saving | Cost Effective | Comprehensive

Payroll Solutions

Payroll Administration

Online processing of payroll and reporting, unemployment claims management and more…


Employee Benefits

Custom designed group plans, COBRA and HIPPA compliance and more…


Workers' Compensation Insurance

No deposits, no audits, pay as you go, OSHA compliance assistance and more…


Affordable Care Act Compliance

Supply Federal and State required posters, compliance assistance with Federal and State regulations, and more…

Bottom-line Savings.

Obviously, we don't do all this for free, but our large employee base generates economies of scale that allow us to actually save many of our clients money on things like workers' compensation insurance and employee benefit programs.  Plus, most business owners find that with bureaucratic "red-tape" off their backs, they're able to invest their time in growing their business and increase their bottom line.

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