Payroll Administration

We provide accurate and timely payroll processing.

Simply transmit the payroll hours to us each pay period, and that's it ... we'll do the rest, including:
Payroll Data Processing
Paychecks Cut, Signed, Sealed
Direct Deposit of Employee Paychecks
Payroll Tax Deposits and Payments
Quarterly and Annual Payroll Tax Reports
Year End W-2's for each Employee
Child Support, Garnishment and Tax Levy Administration
Employment and Income Verifications
Detailed Payroll and Cost Reports
Departmental Payroll and Cost Summaries


Let OneSource become your "Off-site HR Department"!

We provide accurate and timely submission of all payroll and HR documents.

Large companies have complete HR Departments to handle personnel issues, allowing other departments to concentrate on their core business. Let OneSource become your Payroll & HR Department, so you can better utilize your resources to build your business and increase profits. Let us help by:
Providing E-Verify services to meet government requirements
Providing Employee Handbooks
Providing Necessary Employment Forms
Providing Employee Consulting and problem solving
Attending Unemployment Hearings
Maintaining Employee Files
Providing Government Compliance Assistance - Acronyms such as FMLA, ADA, FLSA ... ABC, DEF, GHI ... you get the picture! We can help you stay on top of the alphabet soup of government requirements.

Partner with OneSource Business Solutions to outsource your Payroll & HR Administration needs!

Convenient | Time Saving | Cost Effective | Comprehensive

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