I would like to take this opportunity to share some thoughts about the service relationship I have had with OneSource Business Solutions for the last four plus years.  Before going with OneSource,  my company had been with one payroll service provider for eight years and was frustrated with how that relationship had developed. Working with my old service provider was like dealing with a company that looked at us a nuisance rather than a customer. I was fortunate to have a OneSource Representative call for an appointment and then introduce me to their services. Shortly after that, we signed on with OneSource and have been more than satisfied since. Turned out to be one of the smartest business decisions regarding payroll that I could of made. They offer the same services, features, and options that other companies provide but OneSource does it with the flexibility of being able to address issues locally and quickly. Whether the issue is Workers Comp related, or an employee with questions about withholdings, or an issue involving the labor board, they listen, address the problem, and then respond.

Rick, Services Industry

I have been a customer of OneSource since 1997.  I think my account number is probably #000001. They are reliable, reputable and honest. They charge a fair price for their services, and for our small company, we cannot begin to provide the breadth of services that they do for anywhere near the cost they charge. In the seventeen years I have been working with them, I have nothing to say but great things. When talking with other business owners about their employment issues and benefit providers, I hear nothing but problems.  To me the answer is that they are not using OneSource.

Steve, Printing Industry

As a large manufacturer, we receive calls from various payroll companies every month. They want to convince us how much money the company could save by not having a PEO. As the single onsite HR representative, I always explain that I could not do my job without OneSource. I have a full HR team, available online and via phone. OneSource has saved us money by preventing costly payroll errors, ensuring we stay compliant and handling worker’s comp claims. The OneSource team is a major part of our team’s success.

Adrianne, Manufacturing Industry

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