Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management

Your costs can be greatly impacted by how well injury claims are being managed!

When you're covered by the OneSource Workers' Compensation Program, you'll never pay a deposit or pre-payment. You won't even have to go through a year-end audit ... we take care of it for you.In addition, we'll make sure all injury claims are handled properly and provide the necessary follow-up to get any injured workers back to work quickly.

Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability Coverage with limits increased to $1 Million Dollars.
Post Accident Drug Testing Program.
Return to Work Program -- Getting the employee back to work as soon as possible benefits you AND the employee.
Claims Processing -- We work closely with the claims adjustors to ensure claims are handled quickly and properly.
Safety Training.
OSHA Compliance Consulting.

Convenient | Time Saving | Cost Effective | Comprehensive

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