Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management

Your costs can be greatly impacted by how well injury claims are being managed!

When you’re covered by the OneSource Workers’ Compensation Program, you’ll never pay a deposit or pre-payment. You won’t even have to go through a year-end audit… we take care of it for you. In addition, we’ll make sure all injury claims are handled properly and provide the necessary follow-up to get any injured workers back to work quickly.

  • Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Coverage with limits increased to $1 Million Dollars
  • Post Accident Drug Testing Program
  • Return to Work Program — Getting the employee back to work as soon as possible benefits you AND the employee
  • Claims Processing — We work closely with the claims adjustors to ensure claims are handled quickly and properly
  • Safety Training
  • OSHA Compliance Consulting

Partner with OneSource Business Solutions to outsource your Payroll & HR Administration needs!

Convenient – Time Saving – Cost Effective – Comprehensive



Obviously, we don’t do all this for free, but our large employee base generates economies of scale that allow us to actually save many of our clients money on things like workers’ compensation insurance and employee benefit programs.  Plus, most business owners find that with bureaucratic “red-tape” off their backs, they’re able to invest their time in growing their business and increase their bottom line.

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